No matter how hard I try, I can never think up titles for this shit

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.. No wait, in fact I DO NOT WELCOME BOYS AND GIRLS. Know why? Because they fall into the same category as ladies and gentlemen, and you know what? That is my first matter to adress.
Why do people write ladies and gentlemen AND boys and girls? Surely writing "Good evening boys and girls" would suffice? I think it would. But then again, I'm not a dumbfuck. (debatable)

Anyway, I'm back. And I'm back in BLACK, but not literally. In fact not at all, as my top is.. uhhh.. grey I guess. I'd add a picture but in reality I really wouldn't.
AAAAAAAAAANYWAY. As you probably guessed it's time for another riveting tale about me and my hates, aren't you excited? Bloody well better be because it's been almost a year of emptiness, and I won't let that go!
Okay so as you may know I don't script this stuff, in fact I don't even come up with a basic thought before I start. Yeah, I come unprepared (as you can clearly see in my other blogs) but I don't care, nothing will stop this train of hate throttling into the station full pelt.
So it's been a long time and you may have wondered "Where have you been Ash? Why haven't you blogged for so long?" and the answer to that is simple "I've been here all this time and I haven't blogged because nobody reads them". Very simple right? But I've also been doing other things such as making a life for myself. Well, kind of. I have a job now, and I actually leave the house for "personal" purposes (not just Tesco, oh yeah boi), although yeah the real reason is nobody gives a fuck. So why am I back if nobody cares? Well it's because I just like writing. And you know what I also like? HATE. YES I LIKE HATE HATE IS SOMETHING YOU CAN LIKE INIT BLAD.

I really despise boots you know. They fucking kill my feet after 8 hours and they're not fun. I can heavy lift all night long and sure it can hurt my back, but at the end of the day the pain isn't prolonged and I can actually live. With my feet it's another story. You know toothache? It's not like that. It's probably less pain, because toothache FUCKING SUCKS.
Oh god, even thinking about toothache makes me feel shitty, because it's worse than anything. I've had my leg ran over before (as a child) and I don't even remember that, but toothache is soooooo much more. It's pain that never goes away, and even when it had you still fear it. It's worse than the fear of wasps.
Speaking of injury and wasps, I was stung in the EYE once. Yes, the eye. And want to know something terrible? Toothache pain is so much worse. Yeah, not even joking. I would literally rip my fucking teeth out to get rid of toothache (and believe it or not, have actually done it) It's that bad.

I hate it when people talk to you and then ignore you. As in those people that say "Hey" or "Hello there sir" and then just ignore you. You know, the people that START THE CONVERSATION and then DO NOT TALK. What the fuck is wrong with you? Seriously though, what the fuck is wrong with you? Do you talk to everyone then just choose the best people and ignore the rest? Probably, but if so you can read this very carefully.. [i]Fuck off you fucking cunt[/i]. So I'm not important, I don't give a fuck, just don't START the fucking conversation, honestly if you're going to choose people choose them before you talk, you fucking idiotic piece of crap.

The last thing I hate for this blog is music haters. Yes, music haters, people that openly preech their music hates. Yes, I do like hating, but not when it comes to music. Why do you have to be so loud about what you don't like? Seriously, music is something everyone has their own taste in. It's not for you to decide on. It's for the people, it's their music, not yours.
I mean I personally like almost all music, and I'm always open to new stuff. And I'm always ready to reccomend stuff to the people that want it. But I don't openly go up to people and tell them to listen to stuff often. Know why? Because people are close minded and fucking disrespectful. I mean musicians take time to create their stuff, whether it be 10 seconds or 10 years, it's time they spent trying to please people. If you don't like it leave it alone.
And I'm not telling you to like everything. Hell, there's a few things I don't like. But I don't go around telling people it's shit.

Yeah ok, this is pretty long. I do appreciate the time you've taken reading this, and I do realise the quality of this isn't nearly as good as my previous stuff. And my previous stuff wasn't even that good, so this is really bottom of the barrel.
Oh well, thanks for reading. And keep on hating (even if it is hating this!)