Day one.

So I've been thinking, isn't it annoying when people leave shit on the floor?

You know, just random shit. But today someone did something so enourmously stupid in Tesco.. They left a FUCKING CURRY ON THE FLOOR?

Seriously? Dumb fucking shit much.

I mean firstly, why open a fucking curry INSIDE THE SHOP? And it was at the damn checkout too.

Too fat and fucking greedy to wait to pay? Couldn't bear the thought of leaving it 20 more seconds?
Seriously, and it was cold too. So desperate for your shit you're ACTUALLY eating it cold? I guess not. Must have tasted how shit it was considering it was on the damn floor.

And I'm only bringing this up because I almost tripped over on this shite, and it went all over my fucking shoe. Fucking dumb shits making my shoe smell like the Taj Mahal because you couldn't keep your fucking shit closed.

So yeah. This shit made me think of doing this. And now I shall be the best I have ever been.. at hating.

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