When the candle light dies out.

As many of you know, I've tried to be as creative as possible for the first few of my blogs.
..well, you probably DON'T know, pretty much because my creativity has it's limits, and oh boy are those limits small.

Aaaaaaanyway, this blog is going to be different. And I know, I know, a shitty boring blog is, well, that.
Shitty. And boring.
But who cares right? I mean, it's a blog anyway, nobody actually cares about this.

*cough* So yeah, THIS blog will be a LIST of things I hate. And no, not just a random old list, a THEMED list! Rejoice.
And aren't you curious as to what the list theme will be? No? Thought so. So I won't tell you, and I'll make you guess.
I mean, you will NEVER guess it's things I hate to do with the kitchen. Probably because you won't actually read past the first line of this blog.
Righto, onto the business:
The mass amount of spoons. I mean, my mum gives me a spoon for every damn meal.
The utter shite smell of the fridge, no matter what's in it. Chocolate fudge cake and a 6 pack of coke? Nice, smells of shit though.
The cupboards always having completely unedible crap in them.
The stupid fucks that DROP CRAP ON THE FLOOR in there like morons. I've said I hate it when stuff is on the floor, and the kitchen is the number one place to drop shit. Like a drink. Why not mop that shit up? Or use a towel? Or your own fucking face. I wouldn't care as much if I was stepping on your broken teeth and a bath of blood.
Bread in the fridge. WHO. THE. FUCK. Puts BREAD in the fridge? Retarded? Yes. Why the fuck would you? It's bread, not a fucking ice-cream sandwich.
A shitty old radio that only plays that crap radio station nobody likes. Hey look, it's the golden years, let's listen to some 20's. Wait a second, No.
People throwing plates WITH FOOD ON in the sink. You think people LIKE putting their hands in water filled with your fucking sauce? Oh yeah, I love running my hands through your chips and eggyolk, dirty shit.
That spider you always see at 3am. Ties in with another hate. Why the fuck do you always come out of the fridge floor when I have no shoes or socks on? You think I'm gonna kill you when I'm half asleep AND half naked? Cowardly fuck, come out when the fight is fair. Piece of shit.
People leaving their own personal food in clear view of everyone else, when they're CLEARLY not using the kitchen. Lol? Why don't you go FUCK OFF and use your own damn room. If I wanted to stare at shit I can't consume I'd take a trip to Tesco. The only difference is that if I feel really hungry I can actually buy the shit and not feel guilty. Selfish fucking bastards.
When people wash MY CUPS THAT I AM USING. I make it a point to put a cup I use to the side when I use it. Not completely out of sight, but obvious enough so that people think "Hey, someone's using the cup, let's not fuck with it". Sure if they drank from it I'd be cool, but they're washing it, meaning it's got dirty water and shit in it, L2P please. (Note this is about cups, not food, so it's not contradicting the point before)
The fact there's an unplugged TV in there on the wall. Why? I mean, if I want to watch TV in there I actually have to bring my own? Why the hell can't you LEARN TO PLUG IT IN. I would, but I like the idea of being awkward and bringing my own.
The table being so damn sticky. WTF?? WHY THE HELL IS IT SO STICKY. It's like.. sticky? Not juice sticky, just sticky sticky. Like it's maple.. but I'm sure making maple trees into tables won't leave them sticky.. or will it?

And yeah. There's probably more. But you know what, I can't think. That's another thing I hate, NOT BEING ABLE TO THINK.
Farewell for now.

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