This is a land where pigs can actually fly.

Incase you haven't worked out where I'm talking about from the title, I'm gonna clear up one small thing.
It's not Scotland.

So earlier I was woken up by banging. Banging. Banging. Banging. Banging.
Yeah, I was not amused. Do not think the repetition was a joke. It was not.
And something that bugged me is realising an hour or so later that what I was imagining while I was being woken up wasn't even reality, I'd been dreamsnatched!
I fucking hate it when I feel like I've had an amazing dream, and then it's stolen! FROM MY MEMORY.
Ok so let me share this stolen dream with you, so you know why I'm pissed about forgetting it..

So me and two guys were backpacking across New Jersey, and one of my friends says to me "Hey Ash, where are we actually going? We've been walking three days and you've not even stopped at a city."
Incase you did not realise, that dream never happened. Or it MAY have if I wasn't woken by some DUMB SHIT WALKING AROUND IN TAP SHOES IN THE FUCKING MORNING.

You know what, in my opinion that's not even that annoying. Sure, it's lost imagination, but the worst for me is remembering dreams and then realising it's never going to happen.
It's like watching a good movie, only for a second there it's you living the dream (PUN INTENDED AHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!) and being a star in your own world.
Now usually I'd share one of these dreams I've had with you, but most of them are shitty and as I've said before, my memory is piss poor and I don't even know what they were.

Oh and while I'm here! Don't you FUCKING HATE IT when you're having a conversation and use a really bad reply the second the person speaks, then think of another, much better one, right after?
And what's even worse is when 2 days later you're thinking and say to yourself "HEY, THIS WOULD BE AN AMAZING COMEBACK".
Shame you'll never get to use it eh, because that's how shit the cards are dealt sometimes!

Quick note before I go. One other thing that's unrelated to this, although I hate it.
I hate when I go to Tesco and when I get to the reduced area SOME OLD WOMAN HAS TAKEN ALL MY PASTRIES, MUFFINS, COOKIES AND GOOD SHIT. WTF? Come on old woman, gtfo, you're not gonna eat all that shit and even if you are at least give me one of the good packs. I mean what am I left with? Coissants? Pain Au Chocolate? Those aren't bad but I'd much rather have a 4 pack of chocolate muffins for 40p.
It's a cruel world we live in, a cruel world indeed.

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