There are certain things you do not say when you're conversing with people.
And I know many are obvious, like "Hey, your ass does look fat, like a fucking gorilla, not to mention that face of yours" But others are not so obvious.
Well they are, but no matter how much you think you know not to say it, you'll always say it like a complete pillock.

Anyway I'm talking about many things, one being "With you".
Now this isn't an obvious point I'm making, and I'm guessing that even though you THINK you know what I mean, you do not, so just forget it.
But then again, you may be a smart ol' person, if so, kudos to you. And I mean it, really.

So cutting to the point, when I'm pissed off, or upset, or just plain wrong, I'm fine with people asking "What's up?" or "What's wrong?".
..You can see where this is going.
But when it's twinned with "What's up WITH YOU?" Or even, "What's wrong WITH YOU?" It takes a nasty turn.
You may THINK you're being nice, but in reality you're being a nasty little bitch.
You're being a stupid FUCK who doesn't give TWO SHITS about who you're talking to. And yeah, I'm not telling YOU what's up, because IN MY OPINION whatever is up is only up YOUR ASS. End of story.
So yeah, why add with you? Any point? Trying to fill your sentance because it seems a little dull? Who gives 2 shades of a FUCK, you're supposed to be cheering someone up, not battering in the fact you couldn't care less.

And another one, why tell someone to calm down? Lol?
You realise that unless you're qualified to do so, you honestly won't calm someone down by telling them to calm down. Or chill out.
And you will NEVER NOT IN A FUCKING GAZZILION YEARS not get a fucking smack in the face if you interrupt someone when they're trying to talk when they're pissed. If I'm trying to get a point out, I'll get it out, I swear to god I'll get it out even if you're unconsious on the floor with 2 bricks shoved into your face.

Quick note if you're a right little piece of shit, This stuff doesn't really piss me off on the internet. Being interrupted on the internet doesn't really work. It takes me half a second to read 2 lines of text. So if I read my line first, I can make-believe I said it first. Capish?

You know what, I'm going to let you in on a well known fact. I like to talk.
I like to ramble on for 10 hours about FUCK ALL. But when it comes to doing it for an actual purpose.. God knows what happens.
I cannot for the life of me drag it out. But believe me, the hate is there.
And if you know me, you'll know it's true.

By the way, little extra note. I also dislike babies. Bass when it's not coming from my own music. Smoke. No I am not a smoker, and if you are shame on you. I know smokers read this, and good. You should be ashamed of yourself, and believe me, I will KNOW if you're ashamed of yourself. I put the ASH IN ashamed, so if you don't then I swear I will just write an angry note here. Seriously. What is wrong with smokers? Have you not tasted cigarettes? Drugs? Anything on those lines? Seriously? I'm being deadly serious, did you lose your sense of taste/smell/every single thing as a child? Because if not, you're just a proper twonk. I mean I'm not going to lie. I have used one in my entire life, and lol? You're a dumb fuck. It tasted like.. Well, in my head it tasted like charcoal. I've never consumed charcoal nor do I wish to. Not now I know how UTTER SHIT it would be. I mean come on, How can you get addicted after O-N-E. Surely you take ONE SINGLE BREATH and realise "Hey, I'm a dumb fuck if I take another puff, doho.".
Instead you do not. You continue to do it. What? I can even understand doing, I don't know, heroine. Because apparently that gets you high. And you don't even have to taste it if you don't want to! Man, why don't you just fuck off and get some? Don't really, by the way. Instead, just buy a large pack of paracetamol, and take 2 every 3 hours. Just to substitute drugs. You know, like taking morphine as a heroine substitute. Only it's much better, because it's counter-recieveable AND you won't have to stay in bed for 6 weeks.

As an end note, I am deeply sorry if I have offended anyone. I have a lot of thoughts rushing through this head, and letting them out relieves me of them for the most part.
And just to say, every single person but me in my house smokes. Mother, her boyfriend, my brother, probably all of their friends. So yeah, if someone you're close to smokes and you think I'm digging at you personally, I'm really not, it's just sometimes opinions aren't the nicest things out there.

Until next time. (Are you serious? A blog about 2 words turning into a smoke rant? Stupid IMO.)

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